You don't want to go paintballing but you know someone who does, then why not buy them a voucher. This is the ideal Birthday/Christmas present for someone who's obsessed with paintballing or fancies giving it a go. We have five vouchers available depending on your budget. If your not sure which one to buy or require more information, simply fill in the gift voucher enquiry form.





If your not sure what type of voucher you require then please fill in the gift voucher enquiry form (click here).


The voucher can only be used at our paintball site in Hereford.

Players must be 11 and over.

You can buy over the phone by calling us on 01981 240896


To redeem a voucher. Please firstly check that the date hasn't expired. Then ring us on 01981 240896 and quote us your voucher number. We will then book you up on an available date. That simple.

We keep a record of all the vouchers that we send out. So the actual voucher isn't required when you book up.


PHONE US ON 01981 240896 (between hours of 9am to 6pm)